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33rd National Girls & Women in Sports Day

  • February 12, 2019
  • By naima
33rd National Girls & Women in Sports Day

This post is sponsored by Athleta .

Dedication, perseverance, confidence, discipline, and strength are all values I strive to instill in my girls. Sports serve to build these character traits in children in a meaningful way. Today we celebrate female athletes the world over who have inspired and continue to inspire participation and excellence in sports.

Armed with the knowledge that girls are twice as likely as boys to quit athletic pursuits – thus never realizing their full potential and capabilities – I’ve teamed with Athleta Girl to inspire girls to stay in the game. I’m dedicated to teaching my girls the importance of sports through my own actions. They closely scrutinize my every move, and I am acutely aware of the extra pairs of eyes looking to me for guidance. As such, we make exercise a family affair, and incorporate sports into our day to day life.

Right now, we are all loving running. The accessible, do anywhere at anytime nature of the sport fits seamlessly into our lifestyle. The girls thrive on pushing themselves to go faster and farther than the day before; while at the same time competing against each other (and me!) to push just a little harder. Despite the friendly competition, we are also each others biggest supporters, and cheer for each and every victory as if it was our own.

I remember our first ever race together – my first half marathon, and the girls first kids race. They were both waiting for me at the finish line full of wonder, and caught up in the excitement of the race. They had watched me and trained along side me for months leading up to the race, and it was all coming to fruition. It awakened in them a more full understanding of both the effort and the payoff of running, and has inspired them to keep focused on the sport. Watching their abilities and endurance grow as their characters are strengthened, is so gratifying. I can’t wait to see what my Athleta Girls accomplish in sports and in life.

By naima, February 12, 2019
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