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Down Time

  • March 26, 2017
  • By naima
Down Time

We aren’t always on the go. Just like any other lifestyle, down time and lazy days keep us energized for the high tempo days. Slow travel has afforded us a ‘sip and savor’ outlook, as opposed to vacationing. There is no rush to do/see/be all things.

Some of our favorite lazy day, anywhere activities:

Family Movie Night No matter where we are, this is always a family hit, and something that re-centers and connects us when we’re starting to get, erm, less than pleasant with each other. The girls build an enormous pillow fort, AP picks out a movie (or takes forever and gets impeached from Official Movie Picker), and I gather snacks. Everybody requests stove popped popcorn with nutrition yeast and dill. Delicious and super easy to pop yourself. We generally restrict screen time, but active family screen time is a bonding win in our book.

Face Painting We have a small set of face paint crayons that have turned out to be life giving. There’s something so nostalgic and whimsical about painting faces. Sometimes we get elaborate (and often full body!) tigers and butterflies, others it’s as simple as a heart nose, whiskers, and cat eyes. The girls love all things art, so they really focus and take their time creating or coming up with ideas to have done or do on each other. Guaranteed to erase the glums.

Brain + Body Games We were all up very late one night suffering from jet lag. Amidst the never ending crying and snuggling and snacking, we discovered that everyone loves shadow puppets. It’s almost ridiculous how much time we can spend at it, but it’s so easy and fun! We often incorporate shadow puppets into our storytelling chain. Each person makes up a line or two of a story, then chooses someone else to continue it. Our other favorite simple games right now are Guess the Animal and Charades. Self explanatory. Unless you are three years old. Then it gets interesting.

Photo Credit Emily Winiker (Header image) – Check out her work here.

By naima, March 26, 2017
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