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Drop Anchor

  • July 8, 2017
  • By naima
Drop Anchor

When we first began journeying, we soon realized that the hotel rooms, and flats, and houses quickly run together. AP has lost more key cards than we can count, and Amélie has curated a nice collection of key cards. Coincidence…? And sometimes, the girls don’t know if we’re coming our going, and the transitions can feel challenging and heavy. It became a vitally important priority to create a home out of whatever space we find ourselves.

There are several items that I call ‘anchors’. Wherever we are, once we pull those items out, we are home. Each child has a special toy that is meaningful to them. Luckily they are flexible, and we never used ‘lovies,’ so they roll with it if they decide on a new toy, or an old one is lost. As a family we have a cardboard unicorn head, and a teeny tiny garden gnome. They keep an eye out and have our backs no matter where we land.

After we walk in and put out our anchors, we like to get cozy. We have a travel size diffuser for our favorite comforting essential oil blends and soft light. We quickly set up an area for the kids to have easy access to healthy snacks and water. Everybody loves to unpack their bag, and pull out favorite books and toys. It’s like a mini reunion every time.

We can always tell when LuLu feels comfortable. She quickly strips off all her clothes (and tosses them nowhere near the hamper), gathers up ‘babies’ which can be anything from rocks to socks, and snuggles under the covers of the biggest bed. She happily plays quietly in her dream world for hours.

Indi immediately asks for ‘stuff’ to create. She will gladly take paper and crayons, but is just as stoked to find a rubber band, toilet paper roll, and bits of string. We watch her burrow down in a corner, and wait to see what she’s invented next.

Amélie, our eager explorer, drags AP out the door to get a lay of the land. She’s usually the first to know the way to the nearest market, playground, and toy store.


By naima, July 8, 2017
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