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Family Holiday Traditions

  • December 9, 2018
  • By naima
Family Holiday Traditions

I come from a family that takes our holiday traditions very seriously. As in, my father’s birthday – November 9 – was the official start of the Christmas season at our house. Decorations, lights, and all went up in full display. Let’s just say, that in the 1980’s, not many people put up Christmas lights in November.

I’ve made it a point to pass this joy on to my kids, and the days leading to Christmas are now steeped in magic and family time. Join us and The Children’s Place as we enjoy a few of our favorite moments!

Handmade Holiday

After our first Christmas with kids, we decided to make an effort to spend as much time as possible making and doing homemade goodies. We do everything from crafting decorations and gifts for each other to baking all things delicious. The girls have proven themselves top-of-the-line taste testers! They’ve also learned to sew, finger knit, and needle felt along the way. One of my mottos: Time spent together is always time well spent.

Hot Cocoa

Most of the time, we limit the kids’ sugar intake, and we try to keep it reasonable during the holidays. HOWEVER, hot cocoa is a non-negotiable, time-honored tradition. Whipped cream, cocoa powder, sprinkles, peppermint sticks…we do it all. We even bring our own vegan marshmallows out to restaurants with us. Like I said, it’s serious business.

Fam Jams

Every Christmas Eve, Santa makes a stealthy visit and drops off a set of matching Christmas jammies for every family member. Even visiting friends and family members are gifted a pair! Thankfully, The Children’s Place has so many Matching Holiday PJs to choose from!

There is nothing better than little feet hurriedly running, and groggy grown up feet shuffling to the Christmas tree, to see what kind of magic transformed it overnight. My absolute favorite Christmas feeling is the moment when Aaron and I (clutching our cups of coffee) lock eyes over the heads of the girls as they brim with excitement. Pure Holiday Joy.

Kickstart your family’s newest holiday tradition by heading over to The Children’s Place to shop their Matching Family Holiday PJs today – with guaranteed delivery for Christmas until 12/18!

By naima, December 9, 2018
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