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Health + Wellness Tips for Travelers

  • September 22, 2017
  • By naima
Health + Wellness Tips for Travelers

Traveling abroad can make health and wellness all kinds of challenging. New places bring new climates, unexpected stressors, and new food and living conditions for our bodies to get used to. While all of these new experiences are exciting, we can sometimes over do it, and begin to feel run down. When we do this, we open up the way to moodiness and sickness. When we decided to make world travel a part of our lives, we also committed to our family happy and healthy on the road. Here are some useful reminders.

  • Health Insurance. Get global health insurance. Understand your coverage levels and how to get prescriptions if they are needed. This insurance will also offer varying levels of emergency evacuation coverage as well. If you are native to the United States, you may be happily surprised by the cost.
  • Sleep is important; get it! Most people downplay the importance of sleep in favor of getting this-and-that done over a full night’s rest. This goes well beyond jet-lag. Try to limit alcohol and caffeine, regulate the temperature (if you can) to a cool sleeping temperature, and allow enough time between dinner and bed.
  • Develop healthy living routines. As well as getting adequate sleep, be sure to hydrate often, and eat regular, nutrient-dense foods. Use this transition to create nourishing self-care rituals. Trying to become a morning meditator? There is no better time to build the habit of being in the present than in a new and exciting space. Often we have an easier time creating these new healthy patterns for ourselves because we are out of our old environment and are inspired by our new one. Have a look at rhythms + rituals for our favorite family habits.
  • Recognize homesickness is a sickness. Whether you are with family during your relocation abroad or a party of one, homesickness is a real thing. It is common to miss family and friends, but most people also miss the comforts of home. While new countries are exciting, some days the creature comforts of home are the only things you want. When these feelings come calling, call those you miss. If you are missing home hard, force yourself to go out and distract yourself with a fun activity that reinforces your choice to be away. Of course, it never hurts to bring a small trinket or blanket from home for your warm, fuzzy moments. Check out this post to see how we create a feeling of ‘home’ anywhere.
  • Connect. Some people travel to escape; others travel to connect. Try to foster real connections with the new people you are meeting. Embrace the culture and find your piece of peace (see how we did that?) in it. Take advantage of cooking classes, community events, and physical activities to keep your mind and body engaged in your abroad experience. Holster your camera and practice being in the moment.

Of course, we try our best, but sometimes we still have 3am jet-lag-fueled chocolate sessions in Stockholm.

What are your favorite ways to keep your family healthy while traveling? We know you’ve got some golden nuggets and we’d love to hear them. Let us know at

By naima, September 22, 2017
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