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Holiday Card Photos…With Kids!

  • December 10, 2018
  • By naima
Holiday Card Photos…With Kids!

This holiday season, we’ve joined forces with The Children’s Place to keep kids cozy, comfortable, and stylish from Holiday parties to Christmas morning brunch. In this first installment, we share our best tips to a successful holiday card photo shoot…with kids!

Coordination is the Name of the Game

We generally prefer to coordinate without being overly ‘matchy’ and this year, we went with this rose-themed set from The Children’s Place! The girls have always loved twinning, but now that Amélie is nine, she likes to slightly set herself apart as the eldest. She is also the most style obsessed one of the bunch, and won’t wear something that she doesn’t approve of. Ha! All three of the girls fell in love with the rose pattern on these dresses, and Amélie loved that her red dress meshed with her sisters, while still being different. And, of course, nothing pleases a tween more than high heels. Trust me on this one.

Get in the Mood

You know the expression ‘herding cats’? Well, that is the essence of photographing children. Multiply it by three, and add in the fact that the kids are siblings, and you’ve got a recipe for chaos. We’ve found that happy kids make happy photographs…which makes happy grandparents receiving Holiday cards! So, beat the chaos, put on some tunes, and make photo shoot prep a party. We added in some time for playing with accessories and putting on sparkly nail polish. Everyone finished with a smile, which made the next step much smoother.

Location, Location, Location

The mood of your photograph rests with the location. Are you looking for a cool studio shot? Perfectly posed? Outdoors lifestyle look? Pick your style, and find the place that best resonates. We leaned towards a more natural setting, kids being kids feel for our holiday card. The towering trees behind them and natural lighting really aligned with our vision. Unfortunately, the weather chose not to cooperate with us, but the girls put on their best jolly faces (prompted by promises of hot cocoa!) and we captured some fun moments.

This or That

After the fun is done, only one choice remains. Serious or silly? My preference tends to lean towards silly because I love seeing the kids’ personalities bubble over. On the other hand, some people, (ahem grandparents!) prefer the more traditional look.

Check out our IG to see which photo made the final cut!

Looking for your kids’ looks for all holidays? Check out The Children’s Place for their complete Holiday Dressy Collection to get theirs today!

By naima, December 10, 2018
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