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How to pack for international travel.

  • December 3, 2019
  • By aaronpetz
How to pack for international travel.

It’s safe to say that next to Naima and the little ones, my next love is packing things as a self proclaimed “professional”. (I literally can’t even write this through the very loud sounds of my dear wife’s laughter.) But alas, onward and upward. I thought it would be prudent to share with you some of my Dad style packing which will help to keep your back straight and, of course, to help in any situation where you may need something that could really make an impact on your trip. So without further adieu – my travel pack.

So, I’d like to mention that I’m not huge on the hype of new products, and while traveling, we have found that things either work – or they really don’t. Sustainability, is also really important to us for a few reasons.

One: we want to ensure that the things we buy are ethically sourced, and that if they don’t work; we aren’t contributing to the pollution of the planet (*and oceans most importantly for me) when discarding them. This is why we have a one-in-one-out process for all of our gear.

Two: when you are on the move as much as us, you tend to get burnt out on carrying things that are simply for comfort and don’t have any practical application.

I must say without any hesitation next to my minivan, and PeaCoat, my Icebreaker gear is in the winners circle of favorite products ever purchased.

I’ll spare the details in-depth on all the Icebreaker gear for now, but note these products are def worth their weight in gold.  I’ll break down this pack below and move on to the goods that I actually carry… everyday… usually in the cold… with screaming children… and I’m often hungry.

Tactical Dad-ing with Icebreaker.

Since we travel all over the world, and often through multiple different climates, we used to keep both a winter pack and a summer pack. This meant that we had to have a bag stored in a different part of the world while we were visiting a different climent. However, with my Icebreaker gear, the natural merino wool fibers allow me to create a personal microclimate regardless of the weather outside. I can layer my body with different Icebreaker items based on need, and simply pack everything in a single carry-on. Feast your eyes on this.

Starting from the top left down.

  1. My little journal. I use to pack a small one – now I pack a big one. I also bring a few different pens and paint markers. I blast through those.
  2. My computer. Which is heavy and needs an upgrade.
  3. Little GoPro Camera. It never works. (This might go)
  4. Travel packing bags. They rip but I replace them from time to time.
  5. My Camera, it’s a cheaper Nikon DSLR in case it gets stolen.
  6. Two pairs of denim jeans in blue and black.
  7. My Icebreaker joggers. They work for sleeping, and for exercise. Naima steals these from me frequently. Just Saying.
  8. Striped sweater, just casual and lightweight.
  9. My Icebreaker 260 base-layer. This single garment is probably the most important thing I own. If I didn’t have this, there would be countless times that I was miserably cold. You can just wear this one thing and it will keep you warm. It’s awesome. 100% Merino Wool too.
  10. At the very top middle, is my Icebreaker hoody. Hands down the best hoody I have ever purchased. I love it. It’s usually at the top of my pack so I can pull it out quickly when in a warmer place with high AC or when on a boat or something. Merino wool too.
  11. Below that is an Icebreaker jacket / windbreaker. It fits more like a motorcycle jacket and it hugs at the hips. I love when I can wear them all together – I feel like a warm monochrome hipster. Which I am.
  12. 2 tee-shirts. Locally designed by people in whatever country I’m in. These usually get destroyed and I buy local. #sustainable.
  13. To the very right is my carry-on backpack. It fits all my gear perfectly.
  14. Lint remover. I tend to do weekly maintenance on all of our gear and try to ensure a longer lifespan for all our gear.
  15. Cologne. Whatever.
  16. Eye things for the airplane.
  17. Emergency gum in case an airplane is hard on the kids ears.
  18. Wallet with my credit cards and 3 different kinds of currency.
  19. Glasses x 2 – so cool.
  20. Swimming trunks. Doesn’t matter the climate. Hot tubs are everywhere.
  21. Beard Oil – for the um… Beard.
  22. Rain Guard for my bag.
  23. Belt. Pants up… Check.
  24. Micro Med Kit. Lifesaver. Def my most important item. I’ll break this down in depth on another post.
  25. Brush and finger nail clippers.

By aaronpetz, December 3, 2019 Father of three amazingly kind children, husband to the most patient wife in the world, and internationally recognized award-winning creative powerhouse. Aaron loves whiteboard sessions and talking global economics, human liberties, white wine, Salvador Dali and big brands (not exactly in that order). He certainly doesn’t like to talk about how he became Creative Director for a Fortune 500 at 20, or how he saved the day with Apples better bottom line campaign, or how he’s worked on countless platinum albums – Unless you twist his arm.
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