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Mayan Clay Spa – Tulum Jungle Sanctuary

  • July 4, 2018
  • By naima
Mayan Clay Spa – Tulum Jungle Sanctuary

Travel can wreak havoc on your body from fatigue to jet lag to digestion. It is important to keep a routine of receiving body work, and extra rest and relaxation is always welcome. The bathhouse ritual at the Mayan Clay Spa &Bathhouse in Tulum is one of the best I’ve received.

Mayan clay is known for it’s detoxifying properties. It mineralizes and regenerates cells while refining dull, dry skin. The clay helps heal conditions like sun burn, acne, eczema, and bug bites. After a recent run in with some nasty mosquitos, the treatment was very soothing for me.

We had a car rental, so the journey from Tulum pueblo was about twenty minutes. If we had extra time (and gumption), we could have made the trip on our bikes. As we pulled up to the Bathhouse, one of our therapists met us at the gate. She led us through the jungle on hidden paths with soothing water features. We wound our way to an outdoor structure with a king size bed and hammocks. We put our belongings down, and lay quietly listening and watching the activity of the jungle. After about ten minutes, our therapists arrived to begin our treatment.

As the kids were in school, we opted for the sumptuous three hour couples treatment. (The property is for ages sixteen and up). We were the only two scheduled for the morning ritual. Our therapist led us to the natural cenote, and instructed us to dive in and stretch our bodies. Splash! The water was cold, but refreshing. We climbed out and continued on our way.

After walking a bit deeper into the jungle, we arrived at a treatment area. Clay bowls of hot water were waiting for us to soak our feet. The ritual began with a full body application of local sea salt, rosemary, and coconut oil. The concoction was massaged into our skin, then we were wrapped up in silk sheets to allow it to penetrate. (This is when my first nap occurred.) After a period of relaxation, we were led to traditional low, wooden stools. Warm buckets of water were poured over our bodies as the sea salt scrub was rinsed away.

Next came the application of the mayan clay. It is a warm yellow color, and has a creamy feel as it is being applied. We were once again wrapped in silk sheets, and left to relax. Or nap. The clay is again washed away with warm water. This time, however, alternating buckets of cold and warm water washed over us. After we slid into a small pool filled with the milky mayan clay and water. It was incredibly peaceful and relaxing, and I may have dozed again. Post soak and shower, we were taken to a palapa that housed a sauna. The instructions were to sit in the sauna until we perspired then jump into the cold cenote. Repeat this process three times. I’ve had quite a few experiences with sauna and cold plunge, but the first jump into the cold never gets easier. A pitcher of cold water was left nearby, so we rehydrated at the sauna.

Back at the treatment area, a full face and body mask of fresh papaya was applied. You could feel the gentle tingle of the fruits enzymes, as the lovely tropical smell surrounded. We were again wrapped and rested, then taken for a warm shower. A warm epsom salt whirlpool bath and fresh herbal tea awaited us. Soak, sip, soak, sip, was our easy rhythm. Then came a gentle massage with coconut oil.

Glowing and rejuvenated, we were left to relax on the outdoor bed once again. At check out, I got a smile when I said see you next week, but I meant it. The Mayan Clay Spa & Bathhouse is definitely a regular stop in our Tulum routine.


By naima, July 4, 2018
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