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Money Talk – How We Manage This Lifestyle

  • January 9, 2019
  • By naima
Money Talk – How We Manage This Lifestyle

This post has been sponsored by Wealthfront.  All thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

The past ten years have brought countless transitions: marriage, buying/selling homes, parenthood, building a business, selling a business, and, you know, leaving it all to travel the world with three young kids. These changes have obviously had ups and downs, as well as massive financial implications.

In the five years since we stepped outside of the box and became full time digital nomads, I have met people from all walks of life, in all stages of living. Upon hearing our family’s story, unsurprisingly, the most frequently asked question is: ‘how do you afford full time travel?!’

These three make every sacrifice worthwhile. Paris, France.

Well, we don’t do it on our own. I operate best with accountability, encouragement, and expert know-how. I always say, ‘outsource your weaknesses and focus on your strengths’.

The mere mention of financial planning once left me like a deer in headlights. Though I wasn’t quite financially irresponsible as a young adult, cash seemed to fly out just as easily as it came in. The road to smart money management was daunting.

Wealthfront is my financial co-pilot, working to bring our old school savings methods up to speed – no more envelopes or stashing cash in the mattress! – and helping to navigate our way to fulfilling our financial goals. Their personal, hold-your-hand services are tailor made for people looking to:

  • Buy or Sell a Home
  • Undertake Entrepreneurship
  • Plan for Retirement
  • Fund College Savings
  • Begin or Grow a Family
  • All of the Above

In my case, Wealthfront helps prioritize my goals, and make adjustments as needed. The master plan is to remain an entrepreneur whose kids have the option of college open to them, and will have a retirement even half as fulfilling and exciting as my current full-time traveler life…no big deal. Ha!

Moments before storming the castle. Edinburgh, Scotland.

The new year brings new ambitions, and a renewed commitment to get (and keep!) your financial life in order. Check back in next month for the nitty-gritty on the ways Wealthfront is working for me.

By naima, January 9, 2019
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