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Return to Eden

  • April 2, 2018
  • By naima
Return to Eden

You know when somebody lights a spark of an idea in you, then eventually the stars align and all these little sparks burn brightly? Well, that is Eden, Arizona. I first heard about her from friends, years ago. Then a healer I was working with suggested that Eden might cure what ailed me. Seemingly out of the blue I came across a posting about a yearly event when the private land is opened up to a small group of visitors. I reached out, and was told that the event had been canceled for that year and had been turned into a private gathering of close friends and family…and we were invited to join.

The mystical springs are situated on ancient Apache grounds in the desert of far east Arizona. She has seven geothermal pools of varying temperatures (hot to hotter!). The girls have no trouble jumping into most of the pools, though none of us make it more than toe deep in the hottest. The land allows for multiple secluded camping spots, giving a sense of privacy in the middle of rich community. Winding trails, sacred grounds, and beautiful mesas bring fresh exploration around every bend.

Our deep intention was to focus on self restoration, and to set the course of openness for the next leg of our vagabond life. After a solid year of slow travel, preparations are underway for a long stretch of much faster travel. The community that is Eden is so beautifully aligned with the wonder of possibility and being present in the moment. Everyone comes with an open heart, and we quickly felt connected. There were a couple other little ones, and the adults help look out for the kids, and engage them so the parents enjoy some solitude as well. We met other wanderers, weekend warriors, and everyone in between.

While I was raised an outdoors gal with frequent family camping trips, Aaron…was not. He’s of the mind that as long as you’ve got a hatchet, you can hack it. So, we’ve been doing trial by fire family camping the past several years.

Now, Eden is the desert – like the desert desert. We are clearly guests in this space, and the land allows our presence; so we planned for run-ins with wild life. The girls know to look out for snakes, and the best way to react should they cross ones path. However, we hadn’t prepared for our night time visitor.

Though the sun is scorching during the day, the temperature plummets come night fall. In an attempt to match the rhythm, we usually go to bed with the sun. The girls are wiped out from the soothing hot springs, and crash in a tangle of limbs and curls. Aaron and I aren’t too far behind. A short while later, we were awoken by a rustling. We do a quick mental run down of the things we left out to make sure we hadn’t left any edibles. As the noise continues, Aaron grabs a flashlight and takes a peek. He finds himself eye to eye with…a skunk.

For reasons I’m *still* not entirely clear on, he wraps a blanket around his head and body, and spends the rest of the night rocking in the corner and occasionally peering out to see if our visitor was still around. All. Night. Maybe he was really, really weary of our stuff getting sprayed? Who knows? The Showdown. We will never forget.

Besides that opening night, the days there are simple tranquility. The girls and I took mud baths, and Aaron received one of the best massages of his life. We observed women meeting in ceremony at the top of a mesa under the stars, and hiked through beautiful, wild, untamed land. With self-care on my mind, I am always sure to slip away for plenty of quiet time. There is a silent/adults only pool that is the first to be filled by the ‘source well’. I could spend hours there, reconnecting with the source and myself. The perfect send off for the next leg of our journey.

By naima, April 2, 2018
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