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Road Travel with Kids

  • May 16, 2017
  • By naima
Road Travel with Kids

Traveling from city to city and country to country is an experience your child(ren) will remember forever.  It will likely greatly influence their own love of new cultures, people, places, and food. But, let’s get real for a minute. Traveling with the kids to the grocery store can make even the calmest parent dream of a deserted island. Add hours upon hours to that, usually in a smaller European car, and all out chaos may prevail. Try a few of these tips to keep the backseat cheerful and the front seat relaxed.

    1. Plan down times into your itinerary. While you want to maximize your driving time, be sure to make time for kids to let off excess energy. Stop by a beautiful park and play a pick-up game of soccer (be sure to pick up a ball). Bonus points if there are other kids around to join in creating a multi-cultural experience.
    2. Have individual automobile entertainment. There is only so much Eye-Spy or Road Trip Bingo you can play while en route to your next destination. Coloring books, an unending supply of stickers, and scrap books are all additional ways to keep kids occupied while rolling past yet another long stretch of road. Keep field journals handy so they can creatively reflect on their experiences while they are on the road to their next adventure.
    3. Bring over-the-seat organizers for both the driver and passenger side. To ensure the back seat doesn’t look like a wild night in Ibiza, be sure to pack two over-the-seat organizers. Include one bag for waste and wipes. Then let the kids fill the rest with their journals, colored pens and pencils, cards, and other small entertainment needs. Keep everything neat and reachable so you can keep your chill.
    4. Remember the family audiobooks. Pop in an audio book focused around new adventures like something from the Princess in Black or Harry Potter series to entertain the whole family. SPARKLE STORIES are always a win for our under ten crowd. Audio books rarely cause headaches the way reading or watching videos in the car can.
    5. Pack snacks. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have healthy snacks at the ready for kids while traveling. There is nothing worse than a backseat chanting section complaining about being hungry. Hungry children also like to poke and prod siblings into bad behavior. Satisfied tummies make for much more enjoyable rides.
    6. Learn some foreign phrases. Print out a list of 10-20 common foreign phrases for the family to practice in the car. It is educational and keeps kids focused on the adventure to come, not the next six hours in the car. And c’mon…there’s nothing cuter than a two year old requesting ice cream in four languages.

It’s natural that there will be a grumpy moment or two while spending so much time together in close quarters. It’s going to happen. Just plan ahead and stay focused on the adventure at hand! Keep us up-to-date on your adventures at

By naima, May 16, 2017
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