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Travel Versus Vacation

  • April 11, 2018
  • By naima
Travel Versus Vacation

Here’s How to Spot the Difference Between Travel & Vacation Worries

Delayed flights, AirBnB duds, broken toilets, zero curly hair products, cranky kids, cranky parents…traveler life is not always butterfly kisses and angel’s embraces. Sure, we try our best to keep self care in check, but at the end of the day, traveler life is still life. Most of all, Belgian chocolate doesn’t hold quite the same appeal when you are crouched in a closet trying to silently open the box. We wouldn’t trade this life, but full time travel makes the very un-vacation challenges glaringly obvious.


  • General, sometimes imperceptible air of stress surrounds you.
  • Nagging concerns about baggage weight, travel documents, lodging suitability, ability to find long term accommodations, completing school work/finding appropriately stimulating immersive opportunities, kids ability to carry their own baggage (both literally & figuratively), and your ability to carry your own baggage (mostly emotional).
  • Conflicting feelings on limiting sugar, and ensuring a peaceful plane ride for all.
  • Conflicting feelings on limiting screen time, and ensuring afternoon sanity for yourself.
  • Cooking allllllll the meals. And snacks. And second breakfasts.
  • Wondering how you will ever survive a sixteen hour plane ride, and with your sanity intact.


  • Faint sensation that perhaps you are forgetting some important real world adulting thingy.
  • Nagging concerns if the spa will be able to accommodate you last minute, if the kids club will accept your nearly four year old child, and if you have appropriate currency to tip the bell staff.
  • Conflicting feelings on limiting sun exposure, and soaking up all the Vitamin Sea possible.
  • Conflicting feelings on appropriate meal times, and ‘just one more swim, mama!’
  • Worrying that it might be too early for dessert.
  • Wondering how you will ever readjust from ‘Island Time’, and if you really want to.

The wanderer life truly is one grand adventure, but we are not immune to the pits of every day life. We are all about as laid back as they come, but somehow we had adopted little bits of stress and worry that snowballed. Last year, after a few years of both slow and fast travel, we realized that we all needed a vacation. Like, a real deal escape reality and just relax vacation. Check out this link: How to Island Hop with Kids to see how we decided to hit the recharge button.

By naima, April 11, 2018
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