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What to Pack for Winter Travel – Kids Micro Capsule Wardrobes

  • June 28, 2018
  • By naima
What to Pack for Winter Travel – Kids Micro Capsule Wardrobes

Travel has taught us how to curate an easy, accessible wardrobe for each kid. Micro capsule wardrobes keep everything simple, and maximize organization. Each kid carries their own backpack, so there really is no room for extras. It’s also a great physical reminder to make smart choices about things you really need vs want. As with everything, sustainability and quality are important. Bringing less allows us to align our focus and values.

We follow a circular fashion model, ensuring that every stage of a garments life is contributing towards sustainability. The first step is ethical manufacturing. We lean heavily towards brands that make conscious choices in all aspects of their production. Our clothes are definitely meant to be worn, and are put in heavy rotation all season, so the quality has to be up to it. All of our clothes get babied, and we maintain them meticulously. At least 80% of the time, we wash by hand to extend the life of each garment. (Thank you European old school heaters!) Winter wear gets regular wool shaving and treating. We also bring a little sewing kit, and the girls are learning to mend their own pieces.

That being said, me being me, I can’t skimp on style. I prefer clean, minimal lines with natural fibers and textiles. We keep to a complimentary color scheme, and tend to avoid lighter colors (especially after the turmeric incident of 2016). One of the benefits of having the girls so close in age is that they can combine wardrobes. The ability to mix and match multiplies their options. A tunic on Amélie turns into a dress on Indi which turns into a maxi on LuLu. Sharing and creating different looks is a fun game for all of us.

As usual, most of the girls items were purchased pre-loved, and will be passed on when we finish. Those items that are too worn to be passed on are re-purposed for art projects. The girls have made pillows, dolls and doll clothes, and collages out of old clothing. Eventually, the worn out textiles will be either recycled, or composted. The ability to compost old clothing is another reason we favor manufacturing that uses natural fibers and low impact or natural dyes.

The past few years we have been trudging along with an extra piece of luggage to swap out our seasonal wardrobes. It has been…less than ideal. This year we will be coming from the jungles of Tulum into autumn/winter in Germany with quite a few stops along the way. I was really reluctant to bring a suitcase with our winter wardrobes, so we tried out a luggage shipping service to send our winter gear ahead of us. Luggage Forward is the company we used for this service. They were extremely easy, efficient, and our suitcase arrived as expected.  When we arrive, there are a few extras we will purchase. Some of my favorite kids garments are made in Germany, especially cold weather basics like gloves, scarfs, and wool socks.

Now the fun stuff! Peak inside the kids winter packs.

Each child has the following:

1-2 dresses

1 skirt

1 set of base layers

1 blouse

1 long sleeved shirt

1 cami

1 pair of tights

1 wool sweater

1 jacket

1 sweatshirt

1 pair of wool pants

1 pair of pants/jeans

1 pair of tights

1 winter coat

1 pair of winter boots


By naima, June 28, 2018
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